My paintings are dynamic expressions of color and movement. I am internationally collected, have numerous corporate clients, and my work has been shown on television and the cover of magazines.

Melody Boone Meyer, VP, Chevron, Houston, Texas:
“The painting hangs in the lobby and has become an excellent symbol of an important part of the Chevron Texaco company vision (‘partnership’.) It’s a wonderful painting on it’s own, and has become an icon for the company.” (“Making Hole”, a 4 foot x 5 foot painting, has hung in the lobbies of Texaco and Chevron headquarter offices for over 20 years.  Note: Chevron bought Texaco in 2002.)

Jim Brunjak, President, Power Solutions:
“We want you to know how much we appreciate the way you have come to almost be a ‘trademark’ for Power Solutions.  We are so happy to have discovered your amazing talents and be able to display them proudly in our office.” (Jim Brunjak is a collector of 10 original paintings.)

Crestwood Midstream Partners, Houston, Texas:
“The 11 oil and gas canvas prints (all 30″ x 40″, framed) were hung in our hallways on the 22nd floor.  Once they were all up, everyone said how wonderful it was to have such great color in the artwork to brighten up the floor.  We absolutely love the artwork and I wish I had seen this artwork before we finished out our executive floor.  It would have been great to have it on that floor as well.”

Karen Allen, Linc Energy, Houston, Texas
“Greg was a breath of fresh air during my build out and outfitting of Linc Energy’s new office space…he was easy to work with, very helpful in the ordering process and notified me personally of delivery dates.  Linc was in the market for a different look, something modern to show our edge in the industry and Greg Evans’ art has definitely fulfilled that…I cannot begin to describe the positive comments from employees and visitors regarding the eight paintings we purchased.”

Robin Hurney, Interior Designer, Atlanta, Georgia
“I just purchased one original painting and three commissioned paintings for clients in the oil and gas business. Greg was wonderful to work with, he was very timely and  the paintings were so beautiful and painted to perfection.  I am sure my clients will enjoy these for a lifetime.”

Antonio Vaz Monteiro, Lisbon, Portugal:

“Hi, Mr. Greg Evans, I’ve already have your painting with me and I am very happy with it, I like it a lot, it’s very colorful and arrived in perfect conditions [sic]. Thank you for all your kindness. I will consult your site on the net more times and if I see another painting that I like I will contact you, alright? It was a pleasure to make business with you, thank you once again.”

Steve Kernes, Denver, Colorado:

“I purchased ‘Still Feeling Pretty’ from Greg Evans over a year ago and I never tire of looking at it. This painting is alive with color and energy and movement. There is both sadness and a touch of bemusement in her eyes that always intrigues me. Greg has a gift…”