painting of oilmen making a hole Melody Boone Meyer, Vice-President of ChevronTexaco, Houston, Texas:

“The painting hangs in the lobby and has become an excellent symbol of an important part of the ChevronTexaco company vision (‘partnership’.) It’s a wonderful painting on it’s own, and has become an icon for the company.”

( Note: “Making Hole”, 4 foot x 5 foot, was commissioned by Texaco to hang in the Denver office building lobby in 1996. When Chevron merged with Texaco in 2001, it was moved to one of the Chevron headquarters office building and hung in the lobby. It is still hanging. It was originally painted with a Texaco logo on the left roughneck’s hardhat, and then when the two companies merged, I added a Chevron logo on the right roughneck’s hardhat .)

painting of No 18 at Pebble Beach Antonio Vaz Monteiro, Lisbon, Portugal:

“Hi, Mr. Greg Evans, I’ve already have your painting with me and I am very happy with it, I like it a lot, it’s very colorful and arrived in perfect conditions [sic]. Thank you for all your kindness. I will consult your site on the net more times and if I see another painting that I like I will contact you, alright? It was a pleasure to make business with you, thank you once again.”

painting of golfer getting a caddy's opinion George E. Jochetz, III, Houston, Texas:

“When I first saw “Second Opinion”, I told Greg I wanted the original for display in my office. As an avid golfer myself, I was struck by the intense portrayal of the mental side of the game. Almost without exception, guests are immediately drawn to this work by its vivid colors and engaging subject matter. As for me, I get the opportunity to view the painting from my desk every work day of the year!!!”

painting of old lady dessed in suit and hat

Steve Kernes, Denver, Colorado:

“I purchased ‘Still Feeling Pretty’ from Greg Evans over a year ago and I never tire of looking at it. This painting is alive with color and energy and movement. There is both sadness and a touch of bemusement in her eyes that always intrigues me. Greg has a gift…”

painting of golfer making final shot Brian Bach, GM of Edgewood Country Club, Commerce, Michigan:

“Greg Evans’ artwork captures the spirit of golf in a unique way. The paintings, which we purchased on-line, have added atmosphere to our clubhouse decor and have received numerous comments from members and guests alike.”

painting of legendary golfer Ben Hogan Kathy Thomas, Denver, Colorado:

“I bought the print, “The Legend of Ben Hogan” as a gift – a beautiful piece of art!!! The recipient could not have been more pleased. I had searched for sometime when I came upon your works. Absolutely beautiful!”

Karen Allen, Linc Energy, Houston, Texas
“Greg was a breath of fresh air during my build out and outfitting of Linc Energy’s new office space…he was easy to work with, very helpful in the ordering process and notified me personally of delivery dates.  Linc was in the market for a different look, something modern to show our edge in the industry and Greg Evans’ art has definitely fulfilled that…I cannot begin to describe the positive comments from employees and visitors regarding the eight paintings we purchased.”

Robin Hurney, Interior Designer, Atlanta, Georgia
“I just purchased one original painting and three commissioned paintings for clients in the oil and gas business. Greg was wonderful to work with, he was very timely and  the paintings were so beautiful and painted to perfection.  I am sure my clients will enjoy these for a lifetime.”